Chin Student Union (CSU)

New Delhi, Delhi, India

The Chin Student Union was formed in 1946, by a few Chin students at the Rangoon University, to participate in the movement to achieve independence from the British Empire. After the student uprising in Burma on August 8, 1988, leaders were exiled to India and the organization was reformed in 1995. The Chin Student Union’s aims and objectives include helping with the educational and social problems of the Chin people; preserving and promoting the Chin literature, culture, and tradition; and advocating for equality and self-determination in the Union of Burma together with other ethnic organizations.

The CSU helps Burmese students and youth to get admission to Indian schools, colleges, and universities. It has organized workshops, trainings, and other activities for Burmese refugees in Delhi. CSC has also collaborated with Tibetan Student Union and Indian Student Union to help Burmese people get access to education in India. The organization serves Burmese refugees all over India and networks with student groups inside as well as outside of Burma.


Seminar for Burmese Youths to inform them about education opportunities at universities and colleges in India.

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