Burma Aktion


It is our aim to inform the general public, media and the German government about the true situation in Burma. To understand the present-day situation and problems it is essential to know about Burma’s history.
It is our clear aim to struggle for a real democracy, equality of all ethnic people, an end of racism, human-rights discrimination and the civil-wars against the ethnic minorities. We are the voice of the people in Burma and share our solidarity with them. Therefore, our efforts are for the people according to their wishes, dreams and desires.
We help these ideas to get a voice that is heard by the general public and the media and that the German government will listen to this voice to use their influence for a fundamental change in Burma.


We have organised some lectures during this year to inform about the situation of the ethnic minorities, the human-rights abuses against them and the decades long civil-wars.
Continuously we publish articles and essays to explain the current situation in Burma and inform the media and the German government for a positive change for the people in Burma.

Year of Foundation
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