Alternative Asean Network on Burma (ALTSEAN)

PO BOX 296 - Lardprao Post Office, 10310 Bangkok, Thailand

ALTSEAN-Burma (Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma) is a network of organizations and individuals based in ASEAN member states working to support the movement for human rights and democracy in Burma. The network is comprised of human rights & social justice NGOs, political parties, think tanks, academics, journalists and student activists.


Chronology of events (2005-2013)

Parliament Watch (2011-2013)

Regime Watch (2011-2013)

UN Dossier (1990-2013)

Daw Suu Watch (2005-2013)

Electricity Protests Map (2012)

By-election Special (2012)

Political Prisoners – Free Now (2008-2012)

SPDC Who’s Who (2011)

2010 Election Watch (2010)

8888 Campaign (2008)

Burma’s Saffron Revolution (2007)

Year of Foundation