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Helping Hands office, Kalay, Chin State, Myanmar (Burma)

Helping Hands Organization has experiences of training on enhancing capacity of community leaders’ democracy and human rights with the support of Paung Ku in 2012. In 2013, Helping Hands organization received People In Need (PIN)’s fund to provide Civic Education and Political awareness trainings and organize workshop and community level platform for 10 times. In resulting of strong participation and coordination of community leaders and strong networking, community based organizations (CSOs) as such Mwe Taung local development group and Nan Lui Kual local development organizations come out. Currently, Myay Taung Local development group are taking a leading role on land issues of Mwe Taung Red Copper project and Chin State and Sagaing Boundary problems. Then, Nan Lwe Kwel local development group are involving and coordinating with Helping Hands in the local development activities. In 2014, Helping Hands organized conference on democracy talk with the support of Dana Shae Saung Myanmar from Yangon, 88 generation (Kalay) and upper Chindwin youth network and the participants from different stakeholders included township and Regional level political leaders, government departments and civil society. HHO organized women conference and meeting for land issue/confiscation. From 2014 March to 2015, in partnership with FSWG, the project of multi-agriculture and livestock breeding was implemented by LIFT support. For Women Empowerment, HHO give Microfinance to the Home Shop owners and Women handmade, weaver. Women Weaving Group is begin in 2013, and Helping Hands Credit Union is form in 2014 then, there is about 300 members, 98% is women.

12/6 Taungzalatt, Tahan, Kalay Myo, Sagaing/ Chin State

To get Equal Right and Equal Opportunity in Myanmar.

Dr. Helen Gunthorpe, International Director, Room - 37, Building 1, 4 Floor, Civil Development Building (North) 8 mile junction, Corner of Pyay Rd. and Kabaraye Pagoda Rd., Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar
09- 7321 4887, 09- 8 624 625, 09- 500 40 6009- 7321 4887, 09- 8 624 625, 09- 500 40 60

BusinessKind-Myanmar (BK-M) is a small non-profit NGO based in Yangon, Myanmar. Its mission is to develop small community based neutral profit businesses that produce affordable products that improve the daily living conditions of poor people. BKM is operating by women for women.

Factory Address

#A1, Hti Hlaing Shin Housing, Kyan-sit-thar Road,
Hlaing Tharyar Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: 09- 7321 4887, 09- 8 624 625, 09- 500 40 60

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